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Dear, welcome to my shop, the best accessories are here.

Product description

Material: Zinc Alloy
Packing: OPP bag packing independently
Terms:100% new
Color: the photo color (100% as the picture, the quality of the accessories, please feel free to buy)
Fast shipping: order> 150 $ DHL / FEDEX / UPS / EMS

your answer

Q1:How long does it take to get my order after I have paid?

A1:Delivery time depends on the logistics method. We usually ship the goods according to the logistics you choose. If your order exceeds $10 and you choose economic logistics, we will generally help you to choose a good logistics. When the order exceeds $180 (more than $150 in the US and some countries), we will send you a courier if your country supports courier delivery.

Q2: Is there a discount for larger orders?

A2:Of course, if your order amount is large enough, you can contact me and we can discuss discounting your order. Long-term customers can also contact me, I can adjust the discount for you.

Q3:How is the quality of the product?What material is made of?

A3:Most of our products are made of zinc alloy, a small part is made of stainless steel, and other materials are marked in the product details. If you want to know more about our products, you can always contact me and I can answer for you. There is a problem with the quality of the product. We support reissue.

Q4:When are you shipping?

A4: After you place an order, we will ship the goods immediately, unless we are out of stock, but will ship within 3 days. We have a rest on Sunday and the delivery will be on Monday morning .

Q5:When is it best to buy your goods?

A5:Our participation in every major promotion is the best deal to buy at this time. Secondly, every weekend, we will increase the discount every weekend, if you need, you can buy goods in the famous.

Q6:Do you have any new products launched?

A6:Yes, we launch new products every day, you can click on “Producten” and then click on “Nieuw” to see our new products launched every day. If you like our new products, please click to buy.

When placing an order, please select the delivery method and pay the order fee, including freight.We will ship the goods within 3 days after the payment is completed.
Since the customs clearance time of each country is different, we do not guarantee the delivery time of all international goods, which may affect the inspection speed of your products.Please remember that the buyer is responsible for all additional duties, brokerage fees, duties and taxes on imports to your country/region.These additional charges may be charged upon delivery.We will not reimburse the freight for the rejected goods.
Freight does not include any import duties, the buyer is responsible for customs duties.

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