Grow Your Independent Brand On dynacart.com with a 100% free listing

dynacart is more than just a B2C storefront for beautiful independent brands and super brands from around the world.  We are also long-established in the B2B online payments sector and our teams have a long track record for delivering successful online marketing strategies and tactics for new customer acquisition. 

We have developed our Accelerate program to help independent brand owners to expand the worldwide audience for their products and to breakthrough.  Why?  Because of Our Values are about building communities that thrive and because it also helps our own brand to stand apart from the competition.


Access At Least $500 Of Free Instagram PPC

As of October 2020 we had up to $1,000,000 worth of online marketing and promotion budget available to allocate to promoting independent brands on our platform.  So we have created Accelerate to award and incentivize independent brands to join our platform and in return receive one of our awards:

Sidekick Award
$500 of online promotion available to every independent brand that lists on our dynacart storefront (subject to availability).
Hero Award
$5,000 of online promotion available for 20 independent brands that become early adopters of dynacart and whose items perform well on our storefront.
Superhero Award
$10,000 of online promotion available for 5 independent brands that consistently outperform on the dynacart storefront.


How dynacart Accelerate Works

 Independent brands who participate in our Accelerate program must agree to list their products on the dynacart storefront and to agree to the dynacart Code of Conduct.  Brand owners must then work with our specialist display advertising and PPC teams to help build campaigns that will drive traffic to their products on the dynacart store.  dynacart Accelerate will 100% fund each campaign.

dynacart charges a 5% flat fee for any sales on our storefront. There are no other fees or hidden costs for brands who participate in the Accelerate program


How To Apply

Independent brand owners should download the dynacart Accelerate welcome pack here and return the specified brand and product information to support@dynacart.com.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why is dynacart doing this?

dynacart has been at the forefront of the online payments and online customer marketing business for nearly a decade. As the world moves online our storefront is where we have gathered the expertise from our B2B business into a B2C website that promotes and makes beautiful independent brand and super brands available to online shoppers.  We want to stand out from the crowd by becoming a champion for independent brands and helping them to grow. 

What's in this for dynacart?

Our success comes from differentiation in our product assortment, which we achieve by placing independent brands at the forefront of our storefront.  Our success is therefore tied to our ability to champion and promote independent brands.

What is needed from independent brands?

We need beautiful independent brands with designed products to list themselves on our storefront. Brand owners can request a welcome pack by emailing support@dynacart.com which outlines all of the requirements.

Are there any hidden costs?

The only cost to participating independent brands is a 5% fee on the value of all sales transactions made through the dynacart storefront.  There are no other hidden costs or charges.

How does the Accelerate program work in practice?

After downloading or requesting a welcome pack, independent brands owners send their brand and product information and imagery to the dynacart team to be listed on our storefront.  Our ongoing marketing and PPC activities mean that our storefront receives many thousands of unique visitors every day, and how they interact with an independent brand listing helps to inform a PPC strategy.

During the first few weeks that an independent brand is listed on our site, our teams will be continually optimised the listings for SEO, and may revert to the brand owner for additional information or imagery.  Once that the listing is fully optimised for conversions, our team will collaborate with the independent brand owner to design and launch a PPC campaign, typically on Instagram, to drive lots of new traffic to their items on our storefront.

Our expertise will monitor the ROI of each PPC campaign.  We will be looking for campaigns that secure a high level of conversion or which facilitate other high-value shopper actions, such as attracting high-spending shoppers to our storefront who make spend across multiple brands.  If an independent brand is part of a highly successful PPC campaign, it will be eligible for a larger award. 

Who is dynacart?

For many years 'Dynacart Solutions' has been a leader in the B2B online payments and online marketing sector and we continue to provide white-labelled 'back end' solutions to major online platforms. We are a highly proficient worldwide team of developers and we have substantial financial backing from longstanding investors.

Where will this all lead to?

At any one time the dynacart storefront has between 10,000 and 20,000 products listed, but with overwhelming prominence given to independent brand listings.  Our long term ambition is very large indeed and we are growing a platform to one day rival Farfetch, Etsy and Pret-A-Porter. But we can only succeed when we are able to help the independent brands on our platform to also accelerate their online growth on our storefront. Therefore we are evolving with the ambition to become the leading online sales channel for independent brands to rapidly grow.

Is there a catch?

There’s no catch. Just like the founders of Airbnb started out by going door to door to sign up new hosts to their platform, everything has to start from somewhere. Our storefront already hosts thousands of products from the world's most exclusive super brands and transacts huge volumes of daily sales.