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Bullet Points:
1、Cool Bubble Machine: Gatling style bubble machine, the super new style has 10 holes, more bubbles look very cool, more colorful, and more fun to play. Adopting Gatlin's appearance structure, fresh shapes and different styles, it will become a unique bubble player, attracting the surrounding field of vision.
2、Child-friendly ABS Material: The bubble machine is made of non-toxic ABS material, which is safe for children and will not leak or splash. It is very safe for children and pets. Children can carry it with them and enjoy your bubble chasing .
3、Safe Cold Fan Mode: The fan is made of soft sponge rotor propeller, a safe foam toy suitable for your children and pets. When the child feels tired after chasing, he will feel very hot. You can use the bubble machine as a small fan and it will bring cool and comfortable wind.
4、Easy to Use: Our colorful bubble machine uses 3 AA batteries (batteries not included), easy to connect and use. Pour the bubble water into the additional board, immerse the bubble machine in the bubble water, and then press the switch to enjoy your bubble time. (Note that due to environmental protection issues, we do not provide bubble liquid, you and your children need to DIY to make the game more interesting).
5、The Perfect Gift:The fun and unique Gatling machine design can promote the development of children's imagination and creativity. Your children can carry this bubble machine with them, which is a fun and interactive toy that can keep them entertained for a long time.
The unique design of the Gatling gun.
Ergonomic design and non-slip design, easy to hold.
10 hole design, blowing out many colorful bubbles every minute. (The number of bubbles is twice that of the previous eight-hole bubble machine)

How to make a bubble solution:
1. Add washing powder or liquid detergent to the bottle, about 1/5 of the bottle (liquid detergent can be added in a small amount);
2. Pour clean tap water into the bottle, stir and shake well;
3. Pour the bubble water into the tray; stick the bubble mouth with the bubble liquid;
4. Press the switch to enjoy the colorful bubble time.

Name: Gatling Bubble Machine
Material: ABS material
Color as shown

Packing List:
1 x Bubble Machine

Note: There may be color difference in accessories, but you can use it normally.

1. If you accidentally get soap in your eyes, please rinse your eyes with water.
2. When the machine is running, do not put your fingers into the machine.
3. When the bubble water is used up, turn it off.

4. Not suitable for children under 36 months.

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