Xiaomi Smart Outdoor Camera 1080P IP65 Waterproof Ultra Wide-Angle HD Wireless WIFI High-definition Night vision MI Home APP

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Caution! ! !
This is the Chinese version, please select Mainland China when connecting

This listing sell two products,the PRO version and the wide-angle version.

please choose the goods you need to make a order,thank for your cooperation.

1:Equipped with 150 ° ultra-wide-angle high-definition lens, the care area is more open, reducing blind spots

2:Add 3 warning type LED lights, auto turn on turn off three modes.

Auto mode:Under night conditions, when someone is moving, the camera will automatically Turn on the light alert and the picture is full color. If the picture is normal, the light will be turned off automatically

The picture is black and white.

Turn off mode:the light is off, and the picture is night vision black and white

Turn on mode:3 LEDs will be always on, and the screen will be at night  Continue to maintain full color

3:Built-in 4 high-power infrared night vision lights, exploring the dark night, in the case of human eyes can not be blind, can also accurately obtain clear images

4:An abnormality is found, and the alarm message is pushed to the mobile phone in real time

5:Built-in high-power loudspeaker and high-sensitivity

microphone, remote communication anytime, anywhere, indoor and outdoor.

Note: Before Conneting, please Change the region to China Mainland in the mihome app


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