Wireless Remote Control Heating Shoe Insoles 2000mAh 4.2V Rechargeable USB Electric Heated Insoles for Men Women Outdoor

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Bullet Points:

1.Keep Warm in Winter: Keep warm in winter, preventing coldness and frostbite

2.Can be Cut: There are yardage cutting lines on surface, can be cut to the desired size according to your needs, the arch is more fit and comfortable.

3.Temperature Remote Control: Designed with temperature remote control device, different buttons on the remote control are used to control different operation modes, and the temperature can be controlled according to your own needs.

4.Battery Powered: Built-in lithium battery, ready to use when fully charged, no need to tie the battery, no need to connect to power supply.

5.Good for Heath: Release far-infrared rays when heated, promote blood circulation, prevent frostbite, relieve menstruation and invigorate blood, relieve fatigue, etc.

6.Can be Cut: Can be cut into suitable size, can adjust according to your shoe size and trim the sole to meet your needs

Insole use instructions:

1. Long press switch for 3 seconds, the LED indicator lights up, the red light turns on, indicating high temperature.

2. Click again, the blue LED light is on, indicating medium temperature.

3. Click again, the green LED lights up, indicating low temperature.

4. Press the off button on the remote control to turn off.

Remote control operation:

1. Press the remote control H/ON to turn on the high temperature.

2. Press the remote control M to turn on the medium temperature.

3. Press the remote control L to turn on the low temperature.

4. Press the off button on the remote control to turn off.


USB charging

Voltage: 3.0V-4.2V

Battery capacity: Left: 2100Mah, right: 2100Mah

Input: AC/100-240V, 40-60HZ

Output: 4.2V-5V

Service life: more than 500 cycles

Number of codes:

M code: 35-40 Euro code

L code: 41-46 Euro code

Packing List:

1 Pair of Insoles

1*Remote Control

1*Charging Cable


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