TWS Bluetooth 5.1 Earphones Stereo Sports Waterproof Bluetooth Wireless Headphones 2000mAh Charging Box Earbuds With Mic earbuds

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Physical packaging display, this product packaging box

Direct selling information:
1. Accept direct shipments, we will not include invoices, QR codes, promotional information in the shipment, so please rest assured to buy, we will do anything for you.
2. Before leaving the factory, please make sure that each device has undergone rigorous testing to ensure that all products can guarantee 100% high quality before leaving the factory.
thank you very much! ! !

Earphone operation method:
1:One touch: pause/play
2:Double touch: previous song/next song
3:Long press for 2 seconds: call the voice assistant
4:Long press for 5 seconds: power off/on

Product model: S20
Bluetooth version: V5.1
Noise reduction version: CVC8.0
Working distance: Connect within 10 meterssingle ear capacity: 50 mA
Charging bay capacity: 2000 mAAutomatic boot: support
Automatic pairing: support
Endurance time: accumulated about 220 hours (need tobe used with charging bay)
Talk time: about 180 hours total (need to be usedwith charging bay)
Headphone charging: about 40 times, chargingbay input current: 5V 1A
Product material: lPX grade waterproof materialControl mode: touch operation
Product function: play pause (tap left/right ear 1 time),answer and hang up (tap Click on the left/right ear),
summon Siri(press and hold the left/right ear for 1 second),Touch three timesLeft/Right ear: increase/decrease the sound
switch to the previous song (tap the left ear2 times),Switch to the next music (double click on the right earphone)
Charging method: Put the earphones in the charging compartment and close the cover, the earphones will charge automatically. The earphones will display a red light during charging, and the external display will light up to show the charging information when the cover is closed, and it will automatically go out after being fully charged.
*The above data is obtained from the manufacturer's test. The actual use timemay vary slightly due to different environmental factors. It is for reference onlyes and mobile phones that support Bluetooth

In order to prevent the mirror surface from being scratched and damaged during
transportation, we deliberately put a protective film on the mirror surface.
Trouble, please tear off the protective film on the screen before using it.

Heavy design lnnovation and upgrade

T5 boldly adopts high-end mirror digital display,metal spray paint.Quality cabin body design,the upgrade of the grade is placed there as crafts

lntelligent digital Bluetooth 5.1 display At a glance

Use LED cold light digital display power,
headset and charging compartment power
All at a glance, the digital display is moreprominent, with mirror paint.Full of design

Large capacity charging Bluetooth 5.1compartment Long battery life

Built-in large-capacity lithium battery, which canbe charged immediately after discharge,
and travel with full power.Suitable for a
variety of scenarios, so you have no troubleswhen traveling

Sound 0 delay Bluetooth 5.1 Play a game of super god

Play super God's audience, V5.1 upgrade chip,
more stable transmission
Fixed, easier to connect, and easier to talk and listen to music!

Automatic charging Bluetooth 5.1 Long battery life

5.1 Low power consumption is the core technology ofthe headset, using mini energy-concentrating cabin
Style design, sensitive metal contacts, escort your wireless music

Small stature Bluetooth 5.1 High capacity

The capacity remains the same and the process is upgraded,and the upgraded mini body does not occupy space.
Compactand portable storage

HIFI high-fidelity Bluetooth 5.1 sound Surging bass

Dynamic unit design,good audio analysis, no distortion of details,
An immersive and outstanding listening experience

Smart Second LinkRemove automaticconnection

The earphones are taken out of the chargingcompartment, automatically power on to match,and automatically connect back to the phone

No distinction betweenmaster and slave Standalone headset

Dual earphones can be connected to a mobile phoneat the same time to share a piece of music with your ilover and friends,It can also be connected to'one ear,which isequivalent to 2 independent earphones.

Bluetooth 5.1 Powerful performance

Stable full-core upgrade, more stable signal comparedto the old version of Bluetooth 5.0, with one delay rateReduce it again, the standby energy consumptionis reduced,and the headset use time is increased,Increase Biuetooth connection distance

Al intelligence3D touch

The earphone has a built-in high-sensitivity touch panelfor intelligent recognition of light touch
Your intentions to complete multiple operations quickly

1PX level waterproofand sweat proof

Exercise without fear of sweating;and you can take a,bath, set the headand body in multiple Processes-Effectively prevent sWeat from damaging components

Connect with Bluetooth

Fully compatible with Android, iOS and Windows systems



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