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Tourmaline Self Heated Socks Outdoor Winter Sports Magnetic Therapy Warm Healthy Socks for Men Women Adults
1. Made of cotton, it has the characteristics of softness and comfort, and has a long service life.
2. The bottom of the socks have a tourmaline, it can self-heat and relax your feet in cold weather.
3. Socks can ease leg fatigue, pain, regulate the nervous system, self-heating, eliminate moisture and odor, eliminate leg swelling and skin peeling of the feet, generate electrostatic to massage foot, regulate blood flow.
4. Good therapy for athlete's foot and feet during freezing.
5. Rinse with hot water without detergent.
6. Suitable for outdoor activities: skiing, snowboarding, hiking, hockey and other sports.

Material: Cotton
Color: Red, Black
Size: Free size (180*160*10mm/7.09*6.30*0.39"), elastic
Weight: 40g
Efficacy: Anti-fatigue
Massage socks: health socks
Suitable for: Adults
Turbo massage soak: Self-heating magnetic turbo socks

1. It has the acupuncture points in the reflex zone of the foot, improves the microcirculation of the foot, regulates the nerve endings, performs static massage on the soles of the feet, relaxes the vitals, and regulates the blood of the whole body.
2. Increase the amount of blood back, play a unique "blood pump" role, send blood away from the heart back to the heart to relieve pain in the feet.
3. It can also inhibit bacteria, keep warm, dehumidify, remove foot odor and breathe, and has a significant improvement on athlete's foot.
4. Significant auxiliary physiotherapy for high blood pressure, stomach cold, kidney deficiency, abdominal pain, foot odor, foot sweat, rupture and frostbite.

1. There may be some slightly differences between the color of the image and the actual item.
2. Please allow 1-2mm measuring deviation due to manual measurement.

1 Pair X Self Heated Socks 


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