Multifunctional Car Umbrella Storage Box ABS Organizer Barrel with Hook For Gathering Bottle Shelves Car Trash Can

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1. This product is specially designed for folding small umbrellas.

2. It can also be used as a trash can.

3. It is convenient to install, take and pay, and does not take up space in the car.

4. The appearance design is novel, made of high-quality materials; ABC, PE materials are used, which will not hurt your hands.

5. It is convenient to install and unload, and it can be hung securely, and will not tilt even in bumps.

6. The cylinder is small and exquisite, which can hold folding umbrellas, coins, debris, etc.

[Instructions for use]:

1. Hang it on the side door and window.

2. Do not place or install in places that may hinder the operation of the airbag and endanger driving safety.

3. It cannot be used as an ashtray because it is not a fireproof material.

4. Clean the barrel in time to avoid secondary pollution in the car.


Do not place or install in places that may hinder the operation of airbags and endanger driving safety


[Product name]: Multifunctional umbrella bucket in the car 

[Material]: ABS, PE 

[Specifications]: 190*95*95mm 

[Color]: Black, other colors must be specified. (black) 

[Weight]: 66g

Package Included:

1*Car Interior Umbrella Storage Barrel


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