DIY Small scale full set accessories Weighing meter load cell YZC-320C yaohua 27E Indicator XK3190-A27+E RS232 to computer

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  • Brand Name - sbbowe
  • Sensor Type - Holzer
  • Origin - CN(Origin)
  • Type - Non Heating Type
  • Measuring Range - YZC-320C
  • Hysteresis - check it
  • Sensitivity - check it
  • Linear - load cell
  • Repeatability - XK3190-A12+E
  • Resolution - load meter

It contains a full set of self-made weight accessories (excluding the scale surface table ).

After receiving the goods, you can manually assemble a small, accurate and durable weighing scale for yourself by using these five accessories and your own weighing table.

(1)Instrument (including power line): high precision ,good quality, durable! It is widely used for Livestock weighing with stabilized readings when weighing livestock.

(2)Sensor: 4PCS of sensors used for a scale surface, well-known brand, reliable quality!

(3)The connecting line length (default is 4 meters): one end is connected to the terminal box, the other end is connected to the instrument. When delivery, we will connect the main line directly to the junction box and send it to you. The sensor wires will be connected according to the color of the main line'order and position 

(4)Junction box: configure plastic four-in and one-out.All you need is these weighing accessories and your own weighing surface to make a complete, accurate and durable small weighing scale.

The sensor measuring range is 500 kilograms, 1 tons, 2 tons, 3 tons, you can choose from them according to your requirements.(pls be noted :default shipping will be 2T sensors *4 pcs ,if you need other measurement range ,pls indicate in the order message  ) 

Precautions in assembly process:

Detail 1: There are arrows on the sensors. after you install all of the sensors, put the scale weight horzontally,make sure the arrows on the sensor are upward. Don't install them wrong.

Detail 2: Pay attention to the position of the gasket in the picture above. The purpose of putting the gasket is to keep a gap between the sensor side and the weighing surface.



1T weight scale  are equipped with 0.5 ton sensors *4 pcs , 2T weight scale are equipped with 1 ton sensors , 3T weight scale are equipped with 2 tons sensors  , and 5T weight scale  are equipped with 3 tons sensors .




  • 1T sensors -0.2KG accracy 
  • 2T sensors -0.5KG accracy
  • 3T -0.5KGaccracy
  •    5T-1KGaccracy
  • 10T-2KGaccracy
  • 15T-5KG accracy





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