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1. The fashionable and unique design makes it a special gift for lovers, friends or men and women of all ages. It is also suitable for any occasion.

2. Small and portable: This product is small and light, does not occupy space, and can be easily taken away.

3. Safe material: the product is made of super soft material, which is safe and environmentally friendly. Children can also use it at ease.

4. Electric, lovely and interesting, very active atmosphere with it on your head.


Product Name: electric swing hat

Style: music swing cap (basic), music light swing cap (upgraded)

Material: High grade golden velvet + PP cotton + plastic

Power supply mode: battery (3 No. 5 batteries)

Product features:

Basic style: Song Merry Christmas, hat swinging left and right;

Upgrade: shine and sing jingle bells, with the hat swinging back and forth;

Can be used as Christmas tabletop decoration; It can also be worn on children's heads as a Christmas gift to create a happy atmosphere

Package Included:

1 *Christmas Hat (without battery, self provided)

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