Ways To Channel The Inner Barbie With Barbiecore Outfits

Barbie might be a children’s doll, but since the release of the Barbie Movie, starring Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling, it has gone beyond child’s play. It has taken the fashion world by storm, where pink has become the hottest color and created a new phenomenon ‘Barbiecore’. However, with the weather changing for cooler times, how about updating the wardrobe with Barbie outfits for the adults? If you are wondering which Barbie dresses and items to choose, here are a few selections just for you!

Barbie Trend Outfits

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Before updating the wardrobe with Barbiecore outfits, it wouldn’t be too far-fetched to grab a quintessential Barbie outfit to pay homage to this beautiful doll and the world created by the movie Barbie. While there are many options in the market for a Barbie dress, getting this iconic Margot Robbie pink chekered Barbie dress is a must for celebrating the Greta Gerwig film. Unlike other Barbie dresses, this one can be worn anytime any day, even when it is not a Barbie-theme party or a cosplay.

Barbie Shirt

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If the full-on pink girlie vibe is not your style, that doesn’t mean you can’t be part of the trend. One can still incorporate Barbiecore fashion into the wardrobe by pairing the quintessential pink Barbie tops, like a pink oversized t-shirt, with a pair of regular jeans, pants, or skirts. It will make the cut for the Barbie-inspired look.

Pink Sneakers

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There are several options when it comes to pink Barbie shoes for adults, but nothing beats the comfort of a pair of sneakers. So even when running or exercising, you can still be a Barbiecore with colorful pink trainers. Enjoy them with our range of Barbie workout outfits, or just wear the pair for everyday chores. The choice is yours on how you want to show off your inner Barbie.

Barbie Pink Heels

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There is no other way to channel the inner Barbie except by wearing pink pumps. But slipping on any pink shoes won’t do the trick; they have to have some dramatic effect like a bow or a glittering pair. Team up a pair of bright, glittering Barbie pink heels with a plaid or color-block dress.

Barbie Pink Maxi Dresses

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Barbie is known for having a busy social life, and if you are the same, it means a dress for every occasion is needed. With a wide variety of selections to choose from the Barbie pink maxi dresses, here is one Barbiecore dress that is a perfect fit for any gala, night out, or even a party.

Enjoy Barbie Again!

Let’s relive the Barbiecore fashion as the film releases on OTT. The Greta Gerwig-directed film will be released on Amazon Prime, Vudu, and Apple TV+ on September 12, 2023. So, next time, remember to wear the right Barbie outfit as you watch the movie. You can wear your pink shorts and T-shirt or a pink flannel bathrobe. But don’t limit yourself to wearing the Barbie dresses to watch the movie; step out in style, exuding the Barbie vibe with these dresses. Visit dynacart to find Barbie-alike items that suit your fashion and personalize Barbiecore style.