2020 Women Boots Ankle Martin Boots Fashion Retro Platform Shoes Woman Round Toe Med (3cm-5cm) Zapatos De Mujer Ladies Shoes

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Note: There may be slight color difference when taking photos. Please forgive me. The color of the product is subject to the actual product. The package that is easy to transport is a plastic bag. Not a shoe box! If you need shoe box packaging, you need to add 2 USD freight. We do not bear the taxes of your country. Thank you for your understanding.
We guarantee excellent quality and low price. The same picture, different prices, quality and material are definitely different, please polish your eyes. We specialize in the wholesale and retail of products. If you are a wholesaler or seller, please order at any time. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.
At present, there is no uniform size in the world. Europe 40 does not equal China 40. Measure the length of the foot before purchasing. (Note: do not directly measure the length of the foot, which will cause many errors. Please put your feet on white paper and draw the front and back ends of your feet with white paper on the length of your feet.) If your feet are 25cm long and then +0.5cm (active space), select 25.5cm.

CN35=Foot Length 22.1cm-22.5cm
CN36=Foot Length 22.6cm-23.0cm
CN37=Foot Length 23.1cm-23.5cm
CN38=Foot Length 23.6cm-24.0cm
CN39=Foot Length 24.1cm-24.5cm
CN40=Foot Length 24.6cm-25.0cm





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